Ensure that no money is left on the table.

We help our clients optimize pricing and menu layout decisions to maximize check size and to give consumers the bundles they crave.

Introducing PriceWatch™: Digestible, Actionable Market Price Intelligence  

Price Optimization

Levy price increases in areas of your menu that have the lowest level of risk

Identify the right prices for the right items in the right location to optimize profitability

Access findings from direct consumer research with operations and demand data

Optimize revenue and profitability

Menu Optimization

Streamline your menu

Identify innovative products and drive purchase frequency of your most profitable items

Gain insights directly from the consumer

Menu Engineering – Better manage your product selection and menu strategy

Competitor Auditing

Better understand your price position as well as gaps and opportunities

Marketplace Price Position Report – Get accurate, direct and proven comparisons of products and prices to the competition

Competitor Analysis – Stay ahead through this ongoing study of the competitive landscape

Here to Help

Our advanced database technology combined with a unique service model using data mining, research, statistical methods and simulation modeling allows us to:

  • Provide clients with game-changing analytics about menus, guests, and promotions
  • Answer complex business questions
  • Navigate continuously changing market conditions
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Our Proof


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Decades of Experience

Fishbowl wrote the book on guest engagement more than twenty years ago. With expertise in restaurant industry best practices and digital market strategies, we can help you set objectives, plan promotions, evaluate performance and increase profitability.

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